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“Patrick is a dreamer and a visionary! He has tremendous insight and knowledge and is creative in how he teaches. Out of the box with implementation when it requires it and a great team player. I always like finding people who just don’t talk a good game but actually deliver!”
“I have worked with Focus/Patrick several times in business presentations. He has mastered leading and teaching people with expert insight, focused direction and great humor. He leads and guides individuals and groups in a unique way. It’s a gift most people don’t have. He has it.”
Popular Conference Topics
Beyond Social Media: How to Build Your Brand, Tribe and Loyalty Using Digital Marketing
In our age of 24 hour information sharing, there are two types businesses: The ones that are taking advantage of the full range of digital marketing tools to build a dedicated tribe, and those businesses that are trying to catch up to the first type. Attracting the right type of people that love what you do and will spread your word for you requires careful planning and coordination. Learn how you start to take advantage of this technology in your businesses today.
Internet ROI: Making a website pay for itself
For most businesses, a website is no more than an expensive brochure of information. There is no way to retain visitors, build loyalty, or convince them to give you information for follow up marketing opportunities. With the right technology, you can transform your website from a dull, lifeless presence to an exciting destination point on the internet that consumers and experts constantly refer to as the primary learning resource in your industry.
The End of Free Internet Marketing
As great as social media is, it has been sold for a long time as a resource for free marketing. When social media companies transitioned from being hobbies into profit making ventures, they had to start charging advertisers to get access to the larger audiences that used to be free. In this presentation we’ll talk about how your organization can take advantage of targeted marketing opportunities on social media which will help you focus on gaining the maximum number of prospects while incurring the minimum amount expenses. We’ll also discuss advanced technologies such as retargeting which will help you convert warm prospects into buyers with their wallets open.
Patrick Allmond in the News
Patrick is a leading authority when it comes to social media, online marketing, and other aspect of using technology in your business. He is frequently called by the mainstream media where there is significant technology news that needs an expert witness to explain to consumers and business. His work has been featured on Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, KSBI TV, Telemundo and SUCCESS Magazine. Click on the image to see one his recent media appearances.
“Creative and well-executed digital marketing has the potential to build fanatical loyalty and inspire company champions like no other time in history. But you are going to have work to earn the right to have that loyalty.” – Patrick Allmond
What People Say
“Patrick Allmond’s presentation was inspiration to me and all of the others in the room. This was not only true of those who were considering becoming a paid speaker, but also anyone in the room who harbored an ambition in their lives. He presented simple steps to success in a specific field and, at the same time, drew out our belief in our own abilities.”
“Patrick blew us away with timely information we could implement right away to improve our business. Not only was his information customized to our audience members, practical for both new and seasoned speakers, but he sincerely cared about answering specific questions to each individual. We were lucky to have him share his deep well of expertise and delighted by his authentic delivery which our members enjoyed immensely. Patrick is the consummate professional speaker any meeting planner or business executive could benefit from.”
“Without a doubt one of the most driven individuals I have ever met. With a great desire to achieve nothing but the best results, Patrick always puts forth his best efforts.”
Patrick is available for business keynotes, conference breakouts, and full day training sessions. Contact him at 405-548-5185 or with the details of your event and let’s see how we can equip your audience with amazing 21st century marketing skills.
Now what? Pick up the phone and call 405-548-5185 or email Let’s start talking about creating a great experience for your organization.