Action is the great thing that escapes most people

 PAtrick Allmond, Pilot, veteran, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, TV NEWS Contributor

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"He is a guide, a guru, a sage and an expert in technology all rolled into one!"

Bruce Weinstein, Keynote Speaker at

Great marketing

Can transform lives

"Patrick knows his stuff. And his stuff ROCKS!"

About Patrick

magic can happen in your life when you realize DONE > PERFECT

Patrick Allmond is a multi-decade entrepreneur, veteran, pilot and ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX Contributor. He is also the founder of Focus Digital Marketing Agency and the StopDoingNothing movement. 

Patrick an exciting and engaging expert on how to get results in business & life using the simplest methods possible. People have reported amazing progress in many areas of their life after listening to him and taking action on the steps that he lays out. His social media channels reach thousands of people daily with actionable ways you can implement instant improvement in all aspects of your journey. 

When not on-stage speaking, teaching class or flying airplanes you can find him lifting things up and putting them down at the closest gym. He also loves spending regular volunteer time at a local elementary school ensuring the next generation starts off with the right mindset. 

Let's connect soon. #stopdoingnothing. 

"Not only is Patrick Allmond a dynamite speaker, he delivers the goods! Patrick is a true master of marketing, and delivers practical, valuable information and action plans that are right on target. I was super impressed."

Dynamic Keynote Speaker & Peak Performance Coach Dan Thurmon.

Programs That Audiences ADORE!

OWN YOUR EMPIRE - Building an online media empire to keep your business on the top of people's minds

The internet provides phenomenal opportunities for you to promote the benefits of your business. The key to success is knowing how to get your message out to the right people without pushing annoying advertising down their throats. In this presentation we’ll show you the amazing opportunities in the digital media space. We’ll focus on digital video and radio. These are the best tools on the market right now that a business can use for distinction. After this session each business will understand how to transform their business from a commodity to a distinctive visual brand that catches the attention of their ideal prospect.

StopDoingnothing - recentering your life to start living on purpose

The majority of people go through life fulfilling the dreams of other people. From the moment they leave the house, they are busting their chops fulfilling somebody else’s dream. In the this energetic presentation, Patrick shows the audience how to alter the center of their universe to live a life that makes them excited to get out of bed every day. His no B.S. approach will get in your face and make you face the reality about what you have to give up or work hard at to start living on purpose and not by chance. Our goal should be to live in a state where we are so happy, we don’t need to fret over vacations. Patrick will help get you there.

Patrick's presentation for every audience is customized.
As it should be.

action is the great thing that escapes most people. Great ideas are easy. Great actions are few and far between.

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Motivational Marketing Keynote Speaker Patrick Allmond 

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