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Own Your Empire: How to educate more to make selling easier


Nobody likes to be sold to, but everybody loves to buy. This is a mantra that when adopted, can transform the way your organization works. When you become the trusted resource and expert in your field, you don’t have to work as hard selling. Most businesses have lived with decades of sales teams and with a selling mindset. In this presentation, Patrick will discuss how this change of mindset can create more and better clients. When you can transform your organization from a customer transaction-based one into a client  relationship-based one, your organization will thrive and you’ll create a happier, more profitable workplace. 

Key Lessons: 

- Learn the key differences between customers and clients

- How to use technology to educate and information the world about your company

- Learn the best tools and techniques you can use to transform

- Learn the best ways to take advantage of social media the right way to reach the world


Your attendees will leave with the understanding of the importance of building an organization based on trust and education. With the principles learned in this session, they will be able to return to their organizations and start building thriving organizations that can better educate the world about your offerings.


Patrick and his team are available to consult with your organization. Whether you are needing to develop your first social media strategy or transform your organization into a media education company that inspires followers, we can help. Our two decades of experience will shorten your learning curve and accelerate your grow. Contact us today and let our team take your team to new heights.

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“He is a guide, a guru, a sage, and an expert in technology and marketing all rolled into one. ”

“Patrick is a dreamer and a visionary! He has tremendous insight and knowledge and is creative in how he teaches. Out of the box with implementation when it requires it and a great team player. I always like finding people who just don't talk a good game but actually deliver!”

“Patrick knows his stuff. He's personable,knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter.”

“Encouraged questions and took the time to answer thoroughly.”

“Wealth of information. The most personally beneficial session I've attended today ! Excellent !!!”

“Very Energetic! Gave lots of great advice! Very relatable!”

“Love his approach and honesty”

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